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Classes, courses and one-to-one training sessions for your puppy or dog in and around Chepstow, Newport and now Lydney.

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One to One Dog or Puppy Training Sessions - Home Visits

Puppies are learning all the time.  Get it right from the moment they come home to prevent inappropriate behaviours developing.  We can work on stopping your puppy biting, toilet training, preventing chewing and destructive behaviours, socialisation, handling, body language and play, or any other solutions for problems you are having with your puppy.

We offer 'Puppy School' puppy training classes or One-to-One puppy and dog training sessions which take place in your own home.

1 to 1 Puppy Training - £40 per hour

1 to 1 Dog Training - £40 per hour

Does your dog have behaviour problems?  I can come to the dog's home and work with you to find solutions for common problems.  I can also help you to teach your dog basic manners or just put the fun into training your dog.

Travel costs are £0.45 per mile from Newport.  

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"Caroline is lovely, really knowledgeable and patient! Highly recommended. "