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Classes, courses and one-to-one training sessions for your puppy or dog in and around Chepstow, Newport and now Lydney.

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Dog and Puppy Training in Gwent & Monmouthshire

Daisy Dog Training offers expert, fun, force-free dog training throughout Gwent and Monmouthshire. I am accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK member 01461), and the Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC).


I run Puppy Classes in St Arvans, Langstone and Lydney using positive, kind, modern scientifically proven training methods which are fast and effective.


See our sessions page for details of class locations and costs.

I can also make home visits to provide one-to-one training for your dog depending on your needs.

I can enable you to train your companion dog and to find solutions for common behaviour problems.


You can get and keep control of your dog without using intimidation and punishment, which only serves to produce a miserable partnership. Using positive methods in training you can have a well behaved dog who trusts you and enjoys your company.  You can set standards and maintain them with positive reinforcement.  


I’d love to talk to you about your dog and how I can help!


Please contact me for a chat.

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"Really informative and fun class. The instructor is excellent, very helpful and gives you advice when you don't get things quite right!"

                                                   - Ruth